Monday, June 16, 2008

kites are fun.

I bought a kite! Actually I bought two, because I had a date. Mine had pokemons and hers had dora the explora. They were cute. We got them to fly high...only cuz we ran fast. Then we stopped running and the kites floated gingerly down to the earth. It wasn't windy :( We got tired! Then the sun set and it got chilly. Moral of the story: Kites are fun! The End.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Pine Creek, Zion National Park

This past Saturday I went canyoneering with some friends, Parker, his wife Heidi (Houle), Heidi's mom Kim, and my friend Trevor. We just did a day trip, left at 6am and got home at midnight! The hike we did is called the Pine Creek Trail. The trail was all downhill in a slot canyon and had about 6 rappels!! So we hiked with our harnesses on so when we got to a place with a rappel we could just bust out the ropes and do it. A few of the rappels were about 20-40ft, but there was one about 50ft and the final one was about 100ft!!!! It was soo scary to hook in from so high up, just there on the ledge. After we came out of the canyon we had to hike for about 2 miles, but this part of the hike was covered in huge boulders that had been washed out of the canyons in flash floods. So we jumped from one to the other...for 2 miles! At the end was our reward, a pool of deep clear water for us to play in. There was a large flat rock that we jumped off of into the water it was about 10-15ft. was fun :)

Here are some pics!

Us being Chinese tourists.

This next pic is the second biggest rappel, it dropped down into a large room in the slot canyon

In this next pic i am rappelling upside down.

This is at the bottom of the last rappel, it also dropped into a litle room in the slot canyon. It was gorgeous!!! and there was a natural spring with little pools of clear water!

This is me doing a bio/misty flip into the pool.