Friday, September 26, 2008

fishing in the deep end?

I find dating to be...well, I just don't like it. Most of the time I feel like i'm wasting my time and or money. Maybe it's constantly getting owned by girls (the S means it's plural) who express interest in going out with me, or even suggest, "we should do something sometime." And yet, they are always busy. Tuesday? Wednesday? Whenever. I can get work off. No. Ok. Nevermind. Maybe i'll ask out someone who can fit 2 hours of going out with me into their busy week. Some girls tell me they will go out with me, but then end up "busy" and I think they really didn't want to go out with me in the first place. Girls need to know that they can say no. Don't even get me started on double dates, why would i want to get to know my friends date? Sometimes I come up with excuses to not ask girls out, girls that I normally might want to go out with. Some of these excuses may be are a few:

-too tall.
-too short.
-too thin.
-canckles (woof)
-doesn't like country music. for reals?
-in the ward.
-way to much makeup.
-flat hair.
- wears clothes from american eagle/hollister. like everyday.
- brown eyes? i like blue.
- talk about x-boyfriend
- talk about "their missionary," woah. red flag. of all the missionaries i knew that had girls waiting for them back home about 85% of them went to the movies and kissed girls. srsly. girls that religiously wait get what they deserve, a husband who will ignore them and watch football every sunday.
- too...indie. indie girls are super cute BUT they have the ugliest haircuts ever! (truly indie girls that is. some girls dress indie but have normal short haircuts) it's like they got the kitchen scissors and did it themselves.
- doesn't like The Simpsons.
-always has a boyfriend, different guy every week.
-still dates pre-mees.
-a roommate or friend is in love with them. bros before hoes.
- have already gone out with their roommate, sister, or cousin.

Maybe i'll overcome my dislike for wasting my time and money and date more, we will see. I seem to attract the weirdest girls! Hopefully soon a girl that I want to date will actually want to go out with me. It's almost ski season :) then it wont matter that I don't have a girlfrind, and i'll be the one who is too busy.

ps i just submitted my application to byu for january. please pray for me to get accepted.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Priceless Pictures of People Peeing

My friends and I do a lot of outdoorsy stuff, hiking and backpacking mostly. Do not confuse this with camping, why camp when you can sleep in a bed? While playing in the great outdoors, occasionally, people need to go pee. I always have my camera ready for such instances :) Here are a few shots that I found while going through pics on my computer.

Nate. Hiking outside of Cedar City.

Nate. Hiking Box Elder Peak.

Rick. Canyoneering in Zion National Park.

Trevor. Canyoneering in Zion National Park.

Elder Solomampiononona (from Madagascar), he had to pee every 5 minutes...i'm not kidding!

Elder Bucwa. Notice the outhouse 5 feet from him.

Taxi driver.

Sometimes i get caught.
Hiking Buckskin Gultch.

Hiking Timp.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

To the owner of the gold Hyundai:

You have parked your ugly gold Hyundai in my underground parking spot. This is the third time I have come home to find your crappy car in my spot. The underground parking is NOT open game, 12 apartments and 12 parking spots, see the correlation between the number of parking spots and the number of apartments? The large number "8" spray painted on the wall means that it is my spot. So, if you don't live in number 8, which you don't, don't park in that spot.

I know who you are, thanks to my handy dandy ward directory. Kinda funny how only one guy in the ward is from Oregon, right? You live in number 12, thus if you are going to park in the underground parking lot you must park in the number 12 spot. If one of your roommates has already parked there you may park behind the building, those spots are all free game. If, by chance, all of those spots are taken you cannot park underground in the number 8 spot, and therefore you must find a spot on the street. I know it may be hard to find a spot on the street. Sorry. I'm mostly sorry that you have not figured out what the "8" on the wall means...

This is visual proof:

This is where you should park:

Just in case you don't know where the street is...