Friday, October 30, 2009

nightly routine

would you like to know what i do every night? if you don't, just skip to the p.s. part of this post. if you want to know, keep reading.

every night before going to bed i do the following. (pre ps forgive my grammar)

I turn on the tv and start watching it till I get kinda tired, always sportscenter. Then I cuddle into the couch with my back to the tv, sad that it's the only thing I cuddle with? yes, yes it is. I fall alseep for about 15-30 min. Then I do one of those jump wake ups. You know, where you jump because of a dream or something and wake up. I then realize that I should go to bed, and decide to migrate to my room. However, i dont go right to bed. I turn off the tv and walk into the kitchen, drink a glass of water (probably the reason why i wake up at 6am everyday to pee) and put the cup next to the sink. I walk out of the kitchen and turn the kitchen lights off. I deadbolt the front door and lock the doorknob. I get out my cell phone, turn the living room lights off, and use my phone as a light while walking back to my room. I go in my room, shut the door behind me, still using my phone as a light, and make my way to the bathroom. Turn on the bathroom light and use it to see stuff in my room, like my bed, so I dont wake up my roommate. I get all the clothes and stuff off my bed so I can sleep in it. Then I go pee. I brush my teeth (most of the time) then drink a little water straight out of the faucet. Turn the bathroom light off and make sure the bathroom door is shut, it doesn't smell to great sometimes. I hop in bed and think, "good thing I read my scriptures in the morning," and fall asleep! the end. I'm going to do all of this in t-minus 10 minutes seeing that it's 2:40 in the morning.

I just think it's funny how I do almost the same thing every night, in the same order.

ps this is hank (on the right), as i'm sure you all know. just thought this picture was the cutest thing I have ever seen. Maybe I should get married so I can have my own cute kids?