Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dear Santa

Hi Santa, I just wanted you to know that I have been a really good boy this year, even better than Janna. (not that she's been a good boy... well you know what I mean.) I'm always nice to everyone, that includes people I don't like. I'm not even mean to people at work anymore. I recently helped do a service project for an old crazy lady and her husband who leaves his hearing aid off on purpose (if you know what i'm talking about. *cough*nagging*cough*). Well, I guess I could go on forever about all of my good qualities, but I'll stop because I know you have like 6 billion other people to get gifts for. So here is my very own christmas wish list. ps I wont be too specific with some stuff, because I would actually like to be surprised on Christmas.

-Canon 580ex ii speedlight (aka a flash) its legit. click here. this is the cheapest i could find it at a place that is reliable.
-Snuggie. you can't have too many of these things, it's just not possible.
-Ties!!! i really really really need a couple new ties. use your own discretion or Janna's discretion. Maybe some nice dress pants from BR or something.
-A nice v-neck sweater (the thin kind) that matches the previously mentioned tie and or pants so I can wear it to church. or possibly something like this instead of a v-neck sweater.
-60" led-lcd tv 1080p. thanks.
-Planet Earth on BLUERAY.
-This thing yes it is expensive, but can you put a price on looking good? ps not the white one like on the website. The store in Orem has it in blue.
-Insurance so I don't have to pay BYU for it.
-Shoes. these or red or all black or all white. ps if you get vans make sure they are the low-pro ones the sole is thinner
-I could always go for some new jeans.
-World Peace
-Anything that says Oakley on it.
-Maybe one of those cool cell phones...
The End.

t-shirt size: M
Sweater size: M
Pants: 30x32 or if its an expensive brand i.e. from Nordstrom 29 waist.
shoe: 8 1/2

Thursday, December 10, 2009

what if...

So tonight I was playing the game "what if..." with some friends. Its a game where you write a "what if..." question, then another person answers your question. You pass the piece of paper around the circle, then one person will read the question from the paper they now have. Then the next person reads the answer on the paper they have. After everyone has a good laugh that person reads the question on the paper, then the next person reads their answer, and so on.

Here was the funniest sequence of the night:

What would you do if... Jessica told us she was really a man?
Answer: That would never happen in a million years, and if it did he would already be dead!

The next question was the original question to that previous answer, making things really funny.

What if... Jeff got a sex change?

Jeff obviously got to answer the question that was about him. HA!

Looking back it may not be as funny as I thought, but it still is. You be the judge.

My Native American Friend.

You probably think i'm talking about Jason, but he's not little, therefore i'm not talking about him. On my bathroom countertop there is some kind of residue. I have no clue what it's from, maybe a razor, or something dripped out of the mirror cabinet, or my roommate started using make-up. Don't know. All I know is the residue looks like a Native American Indian!! Well at least it does to me. every time I use the bathroom I look at it and think, "oh there's the indian." I haven't cleaned my bathroom for a little bit (not too long) because I think its so cool. (Actually I just accidentally wiped it up trying to figure out what it is.) So, without further ado, i give you, The Indian!

My interpretation: obviosly there is a face there, with hair. However, I don't think the hair is long, but there are head dress feathers coming out in the back. the end.