Tuesday, September 14, 2010

sometimes i'm funny.

story, pretty sure it may still be funny even if you weren't there:

On sunday afternoon my roommate, Jeff, and I got stopped by a red light, that horrible light on university prky by albertsons, movies 8 ect... it's always red. We pull up exactly next to a car with two girls in it, they had their windows down and a popular hip/hop song blaring. They were college aged and looked like they were actually pretty nice girls. Jeff sarcastically says, "don't they know its sunday?" So I decided to be funny, I turned up my radio a little to see what song was playing, I had it on kozy 106.5, they play really crappy sunday music, but sunday music nonetheless, unfortunately it was on a commercial. I said to jeff, "watch this." He still didn't know what I was doing. I reach up and press the cd button on my car, knowing that I had an October 2004 General Conference cd in, with my luck it was mid Mo-tab song! perfect, I cranked it up, keep in mind my car has a fairly good sound system, it was really loud. Then I pulled up a couple feet so they couldn't see our faces, Mo-tab totally drowned out their hip/hop, Jeff and I were laughing so hard, we looked over and the girls were laughing too. They kept trying to pull even with my car, so I would keep inching forward, finally the light went green. We drove to the next light, red, and kept the music turned up, they pulled up next to us again and we were all still laughing. Good times. I think they appreciated our disapproval of their non-sunday music :)