Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's great.

What's great?


I have more zits on my face right now than i did between the ages 12-18 put together!


btw it's not great, it's sarcasm.

(the part about only having 5 zits between the ages of 12-18 was totally serious)

the end.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Finally, I blogged.

It's been a while, I apologize.


#1 I'M AN UNCLE!!!!!!!!! Yeah, thats right. Evalynn June (poccahontas running horse) Langager.

She's the cutest thing in the world. Look, already wearing jeggings.

#2 I busted up my (left) ankle pretty dang good at the end of January. My roommate thinks it was a grade 3 sprain, I'm a boy so i didn't see a doctor. I had to go to school on crutches for a week and walked with a limp for another three weeks. Intramural soccer. Some kid kicked my foot, knocked me off balance and when I went to the ground I landed on my foot wrong, I heard some popping sounds and was done for. Then the kid had the audacity to tell me i was faking, weird cuz I couldn't even walk off the field. After the game I told him how stupid he was (understatement) after I heard him tell his friends, "I didn't even touch him." Needless to say it was a depressing winter semester. It has been over three months and it still swells up anytime I do something active.


One or two weeks later. (sorry, no picture of it the size of a softball) ps. it was purple on the other side of my foot and down by my toes!

3-4 weeks later

over two moths later

#3 School went fairly well. I got a 3.8 gpa, BUT I withdrew from my chem 106 class... ps chemistry is by far the worst taught subject at byu.

#4 Janna went on her mission. London South.

#5 I went to the Florida Keys and the Bahamas (ever heard of it), more specifically Andros Island. It was a Geology department field trip.

Here are some pics. (full pics on facebook)

Florida Keys


our own beach

Joulters Cay, an ooid shoal. Coolest place ever.

The shark i swam up to.

This is a tidal channel, NOT a river...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The girl who burped.

The girl who burped.

The boy who lived.

see what i did there?

anywho, back to my story.

once upon a time, a girl burped at dinner, a girl, can you believe it? just some friends eating at a restraunt and boom, there it was ;) to avoid further embarrassment she shall remain unnamed, but she knows who she is.

the end

(the story has been slightly exaggerated.)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

bad day? maybe.

Just when you think your day/week can't get any worse, it does. In this case it gets worse when a water balloon thrown from a car unsuspectingly hits you in the back, while you're walking up 9th east. But then you go home, take your shirt off and sit down. Your wet skin sticks to the leather sofa and thats when you make a realization, shirts are overrated! Your roommates laugh at you because you're sitting on the sofa only wearing jeans and shoes, then someone puts a movie on, Inglorious Btards (edited, great movie, very funny and quite artistic) and you make an even greater realization, maybe today wasn't so bad...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

sometimes i'm funny.

story, pretty sure it may still be funny even if you weren't there:

On sunday afternoon my roommate, Jeff, and I got stopped by a red light, that horrible light on university prky by albertsons, movies 8 ect... it's always red. We pull up exactly next to a car with two girls in it, they had their windows down and a popular hip/hop song blaring. They were college aged and looked like they were actually pretty nice girls. Jeff sarcastically says, "don't they know its sunday?" So I decided to be funny, I turned up my radio a little to see what song was playing, I had it on kozy 106.5, they play really crappy sunday music, but sunday music nonetheless, unfortunately it was on a commercial. I said to jeff, "watch this." He still didn't know what I was doing. I reach up and press the cd button on my car, knowing that I had an October 2004 General Conference cd in, with my luck it was mid Mo-tab song! perfect, I cranked it up, keep in mind my car has a fairly good sound system, it was really loud. Then I pulled up a couple feet so they couldn't see our faces, Mo-tab totally drowned out their hip/hop, Jeff and I were laughing so hard, we looked over and the girls were laughing too. They kept trying to pull even with my car, so I would keep inching forward, finally the light went green. We drove to the next light, red, and kept the music turned up, they pulled up next to us again and we were all still laughing. Good times. I think they appreciated our disapproval of their non-sunday music :)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

first day of school

As i'm walking out of my calculus class, with like a billion other people, i get a text message from a random/unknown phone number, it said:

"you're going to fail."


i texted back, "nope."

turned out to be a friend from the geology department.

the end.

ps i haven't had any chinese spam lately. thank you, spamming, english blog reading, chinese friends.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

hail, 50mph wind, lightning, 10,900ft. ridge...

I feel like the title explains everything, but here's the story.

This past week i have had a geology field class. We camped for the week near the top of Alta ski resort, it was so much fun. We each made a geologic map and two cross sections, basically we hiked around all day looking for different rock layers and faults.

Thursday rolls around, my partner and i decided to hike with another group of two to the top of sugarloaf peak, about 11,000ft. While hiking up we went around the backside of the mountain for an easier hike, had some lunch and finally arrived at the saddle between sugarloaf and another peak called devils castle. During this hike the sky had become overcast, but we didnt see anything that looked really threatening so we kept going. We made a measurement or two, but the basin had dense fog in it, we had wanted to observe a few things from a distance so we were a little disappointed.

By this time we decided that it may be a smart idea to get off the mountain, so we started going down back to the saddle, after no more than five steps all of the fog in the basin was blown out and five seconds after that the wind totally picked up and had a little bit of hail. By the time i got my rain jacket out of my backpack the hail had picked up and was coming at us sideways, at least 50mph winds. The only thing that could have made our incredibly exposed situation worse was... lighting!!

Yep, lightning starts up. Now the fastest way off the mountain was down the face, my group thought it looked too hard and wanted to go down the way we came up. Me being kind of experienced with stuff like this knew that was a stupid idea. I convinced our group that the face was the best way to go. We got off the ridge as fast as we could, but the hail was coming at us so fast that we couldn't walk into it, it really stung our legs. So we hid in a small patch of bushes twenty feet below the ridge. Now one of the members of our group was wearing flip flops, and his "rain coat" was a cotton sweatshirt, genius! So as we were hiding there he was having a panic attack, kinda. He started to shake pretty bad because he was cold, my partner gets out her emergency blanket so we can cover him up. This next part is my favorite. Someone says, "isn't that going to attract lighting?" So i hold it over my head and let it go, didn't throw it or anything, just let it go. It flew out of my hand and up over the ridge, it disappeared so fast, thats how strong the wind was, it must have disapparated (harry potter term).

We said a fast prayer, i couldn't even hear it. So i just said in my heart, "bless us not to die." HAHA, we felt a lot more comfortable though. By this time the dorky kid is absolutly freezing! About ten minutes had gone by just laying there. We get out a plastic poncho this time. I unfold it and put it over him to keep him from getting wet. This next part is my least favorite part of the story. I realize that this kid needs to warm up fast so he doesn't get hypothermia, so i had to cuddle with him, i was big spoon... anywho, he got a lot warmer. The hail died down for a split second and someone said, "should we try and go down now?" We all thought it felt right, low and behold the trail i had been telling them about was ten feet away. We got on it and ran/slid down the mountain in at least an inch of hail balls! Lighting striking around us.

We got lower on the mountain and felt a little bit relieved, but instead of hail it was rain, we were soaked by the time we got back to camp. When we arrived most of the groups were already back and sitting in the vans with the heaters on. We threw on some dry clothes and joined them. Our ordeal was over, and we totally had the best survival story, which is the best part about going through something like that. Other kids would talk about how they got out of the storm and all i had to say was, "at least you didn't have to cuddle up to a guy so he wouldn't get hypothermia!" haha.

Then we all drove down to snowbird to work on some stuff in the lodge and by the time we drove back to our camp there wasn't even a cloud in the sky. It was one of the prettiest evenings i have ever seen! That evening we found a little over an inch of water in our bowls that we had left on the camp table, meaning that it rained over an inch in three hours! Looking back i wasn't too worried about getting down safely, unlike the kid in flip flops, but it was definitely exciting! After it was over i said to my partner, "at least you will have a cool story to tell your husband!" HAHA

The End.

ps dear chinese people, stop making spam comments on my blog, kthxbye.