Friday, January 15, 2010


As I sit here eating chocolate and watching TV I can't help thinking about all of the great stuff I have accomplished today. *pretend you are hearing a record skip, like this* Actually I haven't done anything today!!! It's been pretty great actually. I was going to go skiing, but I decided that I didn't want to, weird right. I have been 4 of the last 7 days, my legs are tired. The plan was to do some homework so I don't have to do it on my birthday on Tuesday, feel free to call me, text me, write on my facebook wall, and/or just give me money :) But then I didn't want to do any homework, so here is how my day has gone:
-got out of bed at 9:30
-read Helaman 10
-walked up to school in my gangster sweat pants, they classify as gangster because they have cargo pockets on the side, to turn in my Geology homework.
-on the way back realized I haven't really talked to or hung out with very many friends recently. Probably due to skiing during the days and doing homework in the evenings, instead of hanging out, but hey, we all know what Elder Oaks thinks about hanging out...
-sat on the couch for at least 15 minutes with the TV off and thought about life.
-bowl of ceareal. Capn' peanut butter crunch, it was 5/$5 or else i would be eating Cinnamon Chex, it's the best cereal out there.
-practiced guitar. d, g, a7, d7, and c chords. I'm pretty sure that I have to be one of the worst players in my class of like 80 people. srsly. I guess my dad didn't pass on any musical talents to me.
-our new roommate's car got booted.
-I erased all of the awesome quotes froom the quote board so new guy could get some quotes up there. I even erased the *censored* quote, and a quote about Raspberries...
-researched radio triggers for my new flash. Also looked up stands and umbrellas to mount the flash on. Thus, I can have my own mini studio with off camera flashes, and I would be able to use it outdoors, because it's a radio trigger, and they run on batteries so nothing needs to be plugged into a be totally honest I did this for at least two I actually got a smart grant for school, so a tiny bit of it will go to these things, the rest will be in the bank for sweet adventures! I was going to buy new skis specifically used to ski in powder, but this winter sucks. So i'm not going to.
-threw magnetic darts, i'm pretty good.
-checked my phone, nothing. haha.
-thought about cleaning. Didn't.
-tried to figure out how to pay the rest of my tuition...couldn't figure it out...I have just been told that I have to use firefox, not safari.
-blog stalked, but who??
-decided to blog about my wonderfully lazy, but productive day.

And it's only 2pm!! Maybe i'll take a nap before I go to work... I figure if i'm going to work from 4:45-1230 tonight, i can do nothing every once in a while if i want.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

BragFest 10'

Please excuse me for a moment I NEED to brag. About myself? No, of course not! I would never brag about myself. Today I will be bragging about cousin David. (for those of you that aren't in the family dave is my bestfriendcousin, he's my age, we're cousins, and best friends) Now, we all know he's smart and stuff, but did you know how smart he really is? The following is a conversation we had last Sunday when he and Nat came over for dinner.

me: oh my gosh dave, have you taken the LSAT yet?
dave: yeah
me: did you do well?
dave: yeah.
me: really well?
dave: yeah.

So come to find out dave scored in the 98th percentile of all the people who took the LSAT this year. Thats good. Dave is smart. His choices for law school, in order, are: Columbia, Georgetown, and George Washington.

and that's the end of bragging for Dave. I had to do it because I KNOW he is waaaaay to humble to brag about something like this.

p.s. Did you know that Dave's wife might be smarter than he is?