Sunday, March 22, 2009

summary of my spring break

Spring break was this past week, here is a summary. No, there is too much, i will sum up. (princess bride reference) here it is:
I went down to Escalante, Utah, and met up with some friends that go to SUU. I got there Wed evening and we set up camp and made a fire. Thurs we hiked to a slot canyon called zebra, then later that day drove to another hike that went to two waterfalls, about 8-9 miles of hiking that day. Fri we did a hike down by lake powell it was about 12 miles round trip. someone didn't think to bring a cooler with ice for our food so most of it went bad, thus we drove into town and ate at Subway thurs and fri nights! we were really roughing it.

ok, i dont feel like writing anymore. but here are the pictures.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


a vortex, i got sucked into one after church today. i type to you from inside the previously mentioned vortex. do not worry about me. i am ok. hi mom.

Friday, March 6, 2009

did you know?

Facebook has an epidemic going around right now. Writing 25 things about yourself. A couple people tagged me, so i thought i would write some stuff on my blog instead. So, things you might not know about me. (might not get to 25, maybe more?)

First, things that give me anxiety:
-Calling people on the phone. are they going to answer? what will i leave as a message? I don't like calling people! When i was an Executive Secratary in my last ward i would have to call people and ask them to give prayers in Sacrament meeting, and i hated it!
-Asking out girls. yikes, she might say no. what if she says she is busy? does that mean she is really busy, or busy as in i don't like you.
-My alarm clock. yes. Most of the time i will wake up 5-30 min before my alarm goes off. So i try to get back to sleep and never can, because i know my alarm is going to go off. It's like i'm just waiting for it to start ringing. and i think, "I have been laying here for a while, i bet it rings soon."
-i get anxiety when i see other people in bad or awkward situations. especially and mostly on tv. when a character does something wrong or awkward or immoral. i HAVE to change the channel (unless its heroes) and it doesnt matter who is watching.

other stuff:
-i'm way into photography and own a canon eos 40d. i dont necessarily consider my pictures to be that good, but i just like taking pictures.
-i don't like a/c in the car. im a windows down kinda person.
-i blow dry my hair when i get out of the shower. i cant gel my hair when it is wet.
-for a guy, i have tons of shoes.
-someday if i ever get married i will love my wife more than i love skiing. thats a lot.
-i cannot cook. anything.
-i laugh at my own jokes. in fact, i laugh a lot, i'm going to have a long life.
-if i could travel anywhere i would go to egypt and india.
-im always cold. im the guy that is always turning up the heater or wearing long-sleeve shirts in the summer.
-i practice singing in the car. my favorite kind of music to sing along with is country.
-i listen to every genre of music. sometimes go from country to rap to reggae to classic rock...all in a row.
-i have not seen "family guy" in over a month. quit cold turkey.
-i was a chubby baby/kid
-i took ice skating lessons with my sisters when i was in 6th grade.
-i LOVE chocolate milk. it is my favorite thing in the world!
-i talk in my sleep, the very latest was, "jarom! i want my W."
-i own a snuggie! and i love love it. recently i poured a bowl of cereal, then ate said cereal, while wearing the snuggie.
-my favorite brand is oakley. basically all my ski stuff says oakley on it. then i have sunglasses, shirts, sweatshirts, ect...
-i enjoy ironing.
-i hate keys in my pocket. i hate key chains.
-i am ocd about locking the doors to my car.
-i have seen every episode of heroes, the office, the oc, and i cant remember what else.
-i have glasses but not contacts.
-i have never broken a bone or had stitches.
-i think mountains should always be white!
-i always have to pee.
-i wake up to pee almost every morning from 5-6:30 then go back to bed.
-i always have blue lint in my belly button
-i have always hated michael phelps. he got way to much publicity during the olympics. all the events i wanted to watch were at 2am.
-when i see bumper stickers that read "don't mess with texas" accompanied with texas license plates i just want to punch something! mostly the person who owns the car.

i'll add more later.