Wednesday, May 6, 2009


here is a lot of stuff, brace yourself.

#1 Eclairs, good right? I think so and thats all that matters. Last week I attended a wedding reception. I would consider eclairs to be a staple at receptions, well they used to be. Now it's all about the chocolate fountain, they are ok at best. I guess you know where i'm going with this. No stinking eclairs! Should I get married someday, I will not attend my own wedding reception unless there are eclairs present. (*record of 13 big-ish eclairs at one reception.)

#2 i got new soccer boots :) (boots are cleates)

#3 School is out for summer! i got an A- in Ethics and Values, A in Bio lab, and B+ in Math 1050 college algebra. I feel pretty good about it.

#4 Skiing. It's basically over. I might make a couple trips to Alta to build a jump or two with some friends, but other than that it's over. No more 3-4 times a week type thing. Here are a few of my favorite pictures (of me):

#5 Dave and natalie are getting married May 19th! woot. anywho, here is their picture. i took it. just fyi the day they planned on taking pictures was an April 15th snowstorm, it had been in the 60's a couple days earlier. so no fun pctures in the grass, trees, flowers..ect.

#5 and just for fun some action photog by me: