Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Classy One Liners

Jarom and I bring to your reading enjoyment, the top ten best breakup excuses, ever! Your eyes will love you for reading these.

#10 What do you mean you dont like Boy Meets World?

#9 So... I'm thinking we should have never met in person.

#8 Yeah, ever since I saw you at the family reunion...

#7 I know, I know what I said, but then I got lasik.

#6 I just don't want you to get syphilis.

#5 Can I get my sweatshirt back by sunday night? why sunday night? I'll tell you when I get my sweatshirt back...

#4 Its not you, its me ...who am I kidding? It's you.

#3 The jerk store called, and said I should break up with you. (this one is for you Seinfeld fans)

#2 Lets just be friends, and by that i mean, lets never see each other again.

#1 I think we should break up, I have to kill Voldemort and save the wizarding world.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009


My thoughts on Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I like to call it HP and Snape.

*spoiler alert*if you haven't read book 6 by now you deserve to have the movie ruined**

-It tried too hard to be a comedy.
-They could have cut out a lot of stupid scenes
-The cave scene was awesome!
-When Harry and Dumbledore came back to Hogwarts, the dark mark was already over the school, right? and a student dead?
-In the rooftop scene Harry is supposed to be stupified under his invisibility cloak, not under the stairs or wherever he was. This part really bothered me.
-Also the rooftop scene should have been longer, and word for word from the book. they cut a bunch of stuff and all the sudden Snape does it.

But whatever, it was still pretty good. I think i'll go read book 6 and 7 for fun.