Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Finally, I blogged.

It's been a while, I apologize.


#1 I'M AN UNCLE!!!!!!!!! Yeah, thats right. Evalynn June (poccahontas running horse) Langager.

She's the cutest thing in the world. Look, already wearing jeggings.

#2 I busted up my (left) ankle pretty dang good at the end of January. My roommate thinks it was a grade 3 sprain, I'm a boy so i didn't see a doctor. I had to go to school on crutches for a week and walked with a limp for another three weeks. Intramural soccer. Some kid kicked my foot, knocked me off balance and when I went to the ground I landed on my foot wrong, I heard some popping sounds and was done for. Then the kid had the audacity to tell me i was faking, weird cuz I couldn't even walk off the field. After the game I told him how stupid he was (understatement) after I heard him tell his friends, "I didn't even touch him." Needless to say it was a depressing winter semester. It has been over three months and it still swells up anytime I do something active.


One or two weeks later. (sorry, no picture of it the size of a softball) ps. it was purple on the other side of my foot and down by my toes!

3-4 weeks later

over two moths later

#3 School went fairly well. I got a 3.8 gpa, BUT I withdrew from my chem 106 class... ps chemistry is by far the worst taught subject at byu.

#4 Janna went on her mission. London South.

#5 I went to the Florida Keys and the Bahamas (ever heard of it), more specifically Andros Island. It was a Geology department field trip.

Here are some pics. (full pics on facebook)

Florida Keys


our own beach

Joulters Cay, an ooid shoal. Coolest place ever.

The shark i swam up to.

This is a tidal channel, NOT a river...

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Rach P said...

um...bahamas! SWEET! ...ps if i tried to flip off anything that high ever i'd flop...and die...